Friday, December 3, 2010

My heart with u

Since yesterday morning there is a big forest fire in the Carmel Mt. citizens from the kibutz near by were avacuated. 
A bus with 40 people inside was trapted and burned. What a horrorr. 

All the pic are from ynet

The tempratures is so high like we are in the middle of the summer,The wind outside is so strong and it's fueling the fire and there is no sign for rain.
Icould't sleep all night .....thought about the victims and the fireworkers that fight the fire......

 Hanukka is a festival of lights but we didn't want in this terrible way.In Hanukka we supposed to have miracles ....PLEASE, god,do something to stop the fire. 

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  1. I watched the fire on the News programme here last night and was thinking of you.. i pray that the fire will stop.
    Please take care