Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hanukkah swap

I was participate on Hanukkah swap to a Yonnat  and after some thoughts I decided to make a stationary box from this tutorial 

This is the card - it says - turn on the lights and happy Hanukkah.The inspiration to this card came from a talent girl named Dafi. 

and this is how it looks from the inside

I also made two spining tops for her grandchildren - filled with choclate coins.

Here is everything together .....


  1. wow Orit ... these are fantastic.. love the stationary box - looks beautiful.. and what a great idea for the card
    LIsa ;)

  2. היי אורית
    אחלה של פוסט ! אפשר להגיד מדליק בלי להשמע קיטשית??
    את מוזמנת לבלוג שלי לקבל את הפרס על אחד מ-8 הבלוגים הסטיילים לדעתי