Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mixed media games

Hi everyone.
 Mix Media captured the world of scrapbooking. I want to  Confess that it's not attracted to me ... I mean, I see across the web and along my  scrapbookers friends an amazing job but I can not connect through the performance of them. I love the clean, precise line, do not know .... less attached to it. And if you think that now come "but" I guess people were right. I received this week's monthly kit of  My Punch - one  that I loved so much   and it added a detailed instruction for making media mix style tag. I looked at the ingredients - gesso has, Glimmer Mist ... but there are only two colors (not so bad, we will  manage), and ink +Ambosing powder  
  I have.... other ingredients are in the kit. I hesitated and decided to try - I made copies of Alice enclosed tag, I used my punched butterfly and gave up on some of the words in training to minimize the damage if I do not like it. Easy and clear instruction and demonstration accompanied by pictures. I made three attempts, you will see the last one .... I have not decided if I like or not ... when uploading images found defects as rising paper where the typewriter was sunk dark ...

That's all for now 

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  1. wow its fabuloua ..i love that typwriter stamp
    Lisa x