Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Just to say hello

Good morning all.
Have'nt made any craft for sooo long - no mojo , no time.
so this post today is about vacation ....

What a great weekened - after two very difficult years (emotionly ) I'm on a little vacation.  Me and my hobby had a flight to the city of Eilat , at the south of Israel  - great beach ,great hotels and food. The children stayed home and every few hours calls us and ask to buy them something ....Eilat is a tax free zone and with the combination of vacation I think ,no ,I'm sure ,we are spending too much. 
It is quite hot here - 109.4  degrees but most of the time we are in the water at the pool.
This is the view from the hotel room 

The pool area is like paradise ,look yourself - we didn't want to leave ....

This is one way of salling cold drinks at the pool 

This is the marina side

One of many beachs along the shore.....

How it can be without souvenirs .....

So, we rest a lot ,we ate a lot , have fun and good time - great vacation . look forward to the next one , hope she'll come soon .


  1. what fabulous pictures ,it looks like you had a wonderful time. Hope you had a lovely break
    Lisa ;)

  2. התיירקתי מלשון ירוק LOL
    גם אני רוצה אילת! חחח